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Training Center

OSHA Forklift and MEWP Training Center
All Licenses are valid for 3 years after the issue date on the card
reevaluation is due before that date.

Training can be done online via zoom or onsite training please use the contact form to inquire.

Operator All Classes Forklift License Fee: $150.00
included: Classes 1,2,3,4,5,and 7
Hazmat / Hazard Communication
Calculators: Sail load, Attachment, and Combined Center of Gravity

MEWP Instructors License $750.00
included: Classes: All Classes
Hazmat / Hazard Communication
Fall Protection Training
Basic Rigging using the basket

Note: Instructors Licenses allow you to give onsite instruction sign individuals passed operation and safety, and give an individual a temporary operator card as long as you the instructor are within 25 feet of the machine being operated by the temporary card holder. Instructors do not have the proper license to give out 3 year operator cards they must contact the licensing center and pay the fees to get the permanent card.